Experience unique gastronomy at Mugaritz in Gipuzkoa

Jean Pierre Contasti

A visit to Euskadi, in northern Spain, is always synonymous with surprises of all kinds. Indeed, besides the green landscapes that characterize this unique corner of the Iberian Peninsula, cuisine is another protagonist in Basque culture. Moreover, you can experience a creative and one-of-a-kind touch to the kitchen arts in a luxurious restaurant. Certainly, Mugaritz is a destination where gastronomy is the queen, a lovely place within the province of Gipuzkoa.

Lone table for two set against a wooden wall and wide window
Enjoy unique dishes in the modern setting of this Basque restaurant | Photo by Mugaritz

First, reach the town of Errenteria, about halfway between Donostia and the French border in Irun, and head towards forested mountains. There, in a very modern setting, you’ll find a culinary paradise centered in Basque dishes. Surely, the dining experience at Mugaritz is aimed at letting yourself go from customs, and sense in absolute freedom. Incredibly enough, their menu is carefully prepared in order to tell a story and weave magic around the table. Above all, you’ll be taken to an inner and primal state, through the enjoyment of different flavors, scents, and textures.

A group of chefs is seen working on gourmet dishes
Creativity is the brand of the restaurant’s modern kitchen | Photo by Mugaritz

In other words, you can live, literally, the meaning of the restaurant’s name, an ode to an oak tree and the town border it watches over. So, as you sit down in any of their tables, be ready to indulge in preparations that, rebel as no other, are a result of the creativity of the head chef, Andoni Luis Aduriz. In names not-so-easily read, many dishes are for you to behold and be astonished as they’re tasted and washed down with local wines and spirits. In conclusion, let Mugaritz surprise and charm you.

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