Experience the best wraps and burritos in all of Tulum

Burritos Beer, Restaurant
Francisco Coronel
Francisco Coronel
Mexican cuisine is something incredible: with their strong and spicy flavors, they surely know how to amaze us every time. Between the Mexican dishes, though, there’s one that has no match: those would be the fantastic burritos! And, among all the restaurants that offer this option in Mexico, which would be the best?  
If this doesn’t look delicious to you, I don’t know what will! | Photo by Burritos Beer
The answer is Burritos Beer, at Tulum, a place which specializes in making this traditional dish, counting with many different options and flavors for you to choose from. As these burritos aren’t only made with love and care, but also follow a more than 115 years long traditional recipe, don’t have any doubt in your mind that what you’re going to experience here is the best of the best.  
I would like to be experiencing them right now. That’s for sure! | Photo by Burritos Beer
Are you interested in trying this unique experience? Then make your order at their website down below and don’t forget to share your experiences with #Tripsst! Be one with burritos. You’re up!

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