Woman sitting under the sea with her diving equipment

Experience diving accompanied by eco-experts

Ma. Alejandra Roa
Ma. Alejandra Roa

A lot of researches say that water –in any presentation– helps us in different ways such as healthy life, lower blood pressure, and help calm stress levels. Diving and snorkeling also help us in the same way, only it has a major plus which is discovering marine life, something outside our routine.

woman diving in the blue waters of Mallorca
You will enjoy diving quite a lot | Photo by by Acqua Life Dive Center

Through Acqua Life Dive Center you can dive and discover the depths of Callas of Mallorca.  Are you ready?  It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or it is your first time, these professional trainers will make you have a great time.

Calas de Mallorca harbor from above on a beautiful sunset
Mallorca is waiting for you | Photo by Acqua Life Dive Center

Furthermore, Acqua Life’s ecological philosophy started with the belief that everyone’s enjoyment of diving or snorkeling can be enhanced if they understand something about the ecology of reef systems. Helping preserve Mallorca Island, they also organize and conduct ecological projects. To check all details about it, click the link below. 

Dive with your friends or family and share your experience with #Tripsst!

The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish, you’re up!

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