Experience a unique skydiving adventure in Interlaken

Jean Pierre Contasti

Interlaken, a town in the Bernese Alps, straddles an isthmus that separates two bodies of water, the lakes Brienz and Thun. Surely, to be set against such incredible landscapes allows it to be the perfect starting point of adventures that’ll make your visit to Switzerland an unforgettable one. In other words, you can, literally, be above the snow-covered mountains of this alpine corner of Europe. So, don’t give much thought to it, and enjoy the uniqueness of skydiving from a helicopter.

Chain of snow-covered mountains under a cloudless sky
View of the Jungfrau and neighboring peaks from a high-altitude aircraft | Photo by Xonqnopp

First, reach the charming town and look for Helicopter Skydive, the provider of this amazing activity. Once there, after a brief lecture on chopper safety and the day’s meteorological conditions, you’ll start listening to the rotors being turned on. Subsequently, once inside the helicopter, feel it ascend gently over the rooftops of the town, and keep going up while taking a look at the contrasting colors of the lakes. Blue Brienz and green Thun set a palette only to be surpassed by the incredible sight of the famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau peaks.

A female adult screams and seems to enjoy skydiving over the Bernese Alps
Scream to the top of your lungs as you skydive from a chopper over Interlaken | Photo by Helicopter Skydive

Afterwards, once you’ve put your gear on, jump from the cabin along with your guide, and be impressed by the views while you still are 4,000 meters up in the air. Certainly, as you descend at top speed, feel the cold gushes of wind in your face while you enjoy this sudden adrenaline rush. Definitely, your whole body will feast as you keep going down into the valley, opening your parachute just in time for a spotless landing.

Jump from the heights and admire the beauty surrounding Interlaken in the Bernese Alps, sharing it with us, here on #Tripsst!

Dive from a chopper, you’re up!

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