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Experience a historically rich atmosphere at the Demel confectionery

Francisco Coronel
Francisco Coronel

There is so much history we don’t know behind everyday places. Maybe a king ate many years ago at the cafe we frequent every week. Or perhaps a tiny restaurant around the corner was the favorite place of a historically famous artist. 

The truth is that every place has its own story to tell, and discovering it is always something fun and with great potential to surprise and amaze us.

A cup of coffee and some desserts
Prepare to spend a tasty and magnificent time | Photo by @demelvienna

 The Demel confectionery at Vienna is one of those everyday places with an incredible history, being around 1856 a hotspot among aristocrats and the city’s bourgeoisie. Here was where Emperor Franz Joseph I would write love letters about the variety of treats from the confectionery and where Elizabeth would always enjoy the famous violet-sorbet.

Nowadays, Demel is your go-to site to enjoy a historically rich atmosphere with sophisticated cakes, coffee, and all kinds of delicacies that will pamper your taste buds and leave you more satisfied than anything else would. 

A group of cakes and other desserts
Desserts that even the nobility has craved for! | Photo by @demelvienna

Make your reservation at the link down below and enjoy this historically tasty experience!

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Appreciate your everyday places! You’re up!

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