Experience a cool mix of flavors in this restaurant at Puerto Rico

Dolche Salao, Restaurant
Francisco Coronel
Francisco Coronel

Tasting new flavors is something very interesting: thanks to the senses perceived through your tongue, you discover new worlds and possibilities you didn’t know existed before, it always being a cool adventure.

But where can go people like me and you that want to be more bold and try things which usually aren’t used together?

If this isn’t something appealing to you, I don’t know what is! | Photo by @dolchesalao

This is something you can do with the folks at Dolche Salao, in Puerto Rico, a place like no other you have ever been before, representing a new type of brunch restaurant which can only be found on the Island of Enchantment.

Here, you can experience the history and tranquility of its spaces, which will make you travel in time while enjoying the perfect combination of sweet and salty food through the creations of Chef Murphy. Dolche Salao means “Sweet and Salty”, a mix of flavors which will surely explode your mind.

The “Salao” to the “Dolce”: here, both can’t be separated! | Photo by @dolchesalao

Want to make a reservation? Visit their website and get all the info you need to live it! Also, share your experiences with us at #Tripsst!

Mix things up! You’re Up!

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