Enjoy the forest from a zip line in Monteverde

Jean Pierre Contasti

The heart of Costa Rica is a place whose supreme ruler is nature. Certainly, the evergreen mountains of Tilarán, aptly named the area of Monteverde. Above all, the virgin forests of this biological reserve are a hotspot of plant and animal diversity. However, as dense as they are, the best way to explore and enjoy this green paradise is by soaring through the thick tropical canopy.

Hiking trail next to a densely forested area
Cloud forests, the impressive treasure kept at Monteverde, in Costa Rica | Photo by Cephas

In this case, 100% Aventura is a one-of-a-kind park, where fun and adventure thrive against the hues of green. Surely, you can experience the very best of Monteverde’s cloud forests, in an unforgettable manner. First, walk underneath the trees and feel the excitement around you while crossing over a hammock bridge. Then, let your guide help you into a zip line, and soar across the forest while feeling the air like a bird.

Woman on a zip line over the canopy
Explore the cloud forest from your zip line above it | Photo by 100% Aventura

Afterwards, you’ll sense an adrenaline rush while on the mega Tarzan swing. And later, you can hop into one of the Superman zip lines, one of which is the longest in all of Costa Rica with a length close to 1,600 meters. Thrill and amazement surround you everywhere you go with 100% Aventura, letting your emotions join the sounds of tropical fauna in the forest.

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Soar above the canopy, you’re up!

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