Enjoy romance on the snowy Banff in Canada

Jean Pierre Contasti

Banff is a town located in the Canadian Rockies, within the boundaries of Banff National Park. As a result, its surroundings are the perfect setting for a love story. That is to say, a visit to this place, close to the western border of Alberta, will allow you to share many incredible adventures with your significant other. No matter the season, love thrives under the watchful eye of its surrounding mountains and forests.

View of a frozen lake
Peyto Lake, one of Banff’s most beautiful locations | Photo by Jakub Frys

What to do?

  • Walk together over the icy Johnston Canyon.
  • Be astonished and have fun with the sights of winter wildlife.
  • Explore the beauties of Lake Louise and Moraine Lake under the evening sun.
  • Grab hands as you take the Banff Gondola towards Sulphur Mountain.
  • Breathe in and admire the panoramic views of Sunshine Meadows.
  • Stroll over Banff Avenue and shop in one of its stores.
  • Solve mysterious puzzles and discover the hidden treasures of Banff.
  • Photograph the marvelous Peyto Lake as it freezes.
  • Revel in authentic Canadian cuisine at Eden.
  • Let love set the mood as you rest in a forested lodge.
Sign pointing towards a snowcapped mountain
Sulphur Mountain, an unmissable place when visiting lovely Banff | Photo by M01229

Where to stay?

For a romantic escape, try the Buffalo Mountain Lodge, a quiet and peaceful retreat within a forest. Located a couple of minutes away from the Banff town center, this realm of solace is at the crossroads between mankind and nature. Surely, you’ll get away from the world while sharing with unique Canadian fauna.

Nighttime lodge on a snowy landscape
Cozy and warm, Buffalo Mountain Lodge is an amazing Banff retreat | Photo by Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts

Love in the middle of the Canadian Rockies, you’re up!

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