Embark on a nocturnal winter escapade in Interlaken

Jean Pierre Contasti

The Swiss Alps are an incredible location that provides amazing activities for all tastes, all year-long. However, it’s during winter, when the snow covers its many peaks, valleys, and forests, that their charm is at its finest. Certainly, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of wintery Switzerland in a unique experience, taking place after the sun has set. In other words, be on an escapade to Interlaken, where you’ll be able to traverse frosty trails, and then have an amazing insight into Swiss culinary tradition.

Blonde woman wearing a red coat and on a nighttime sled
Sled through the snow-covered Swiss Alps after dark | Photo by Skydive Switzerland

First, arrive after sunset at the meeting point for Skydive Switzerland in the outskirts of Interlaken. From there, you’ll be taken to the mountain hamlet of Isenfluh, perched in the mountains close to the famous valley of Lauterbrunnen. Later on, depart it on a gondola ride up to Sulwald, a lookout from which this corner of the Alps can be enjoyed. However, your pitch-black night is about to be illuminated by the starlit sky, with thousands of dots hovering above the jagged and pointy peaks.

Cheese fondue served next to a deep bowl with bread cubes
Cheese fondue, an unequivocally Swiss dish | Photo by Zitronenpresse

After a briefing and instruction, you’ll hop on a sled, and use it for a descent through the woods. Moreover, while going at full speed through snow, be sure to take a look at the impressive Alpine meadows bathed in star and moonlight. Also, you’ll catch a glimpse of frozen waterfalls, rich in curious ice formations. Subsequently, reach a small restaurant, where you’ll indulge yourself in the tastes of fondue, one of the best-known preparations from Swiss cuisine. 

In conclusion, return to Interlaken and share the winter fun of sledding during the night with us, here on #Tripsst!

Sled into the night, you’re up!

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