Eco Friendly

A view from the retreat of the entirety of the lake

Recharge your batteries as you loosen up in Caonillas Lake View

Nice and cold weather, amazing views and the biggest tranquility …

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Children in a mountain with an incredible view of the blue sea of Majorca

Be ready to discover Majorca nature by hiking

There are a number of different activities to do in …

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Woman sitting under the sea with her diving equipment

Experience diving accompanied by eco-experts

A lot of researches say that water –in any presentation– …

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Sunsets at one of the valleys in the Serra do Cipó.

Dwell along nature in the Serra do Cipó

After a short drive northeast from Belo Horizonte, following the …

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A rocky formation towers over rolling and green forested hills

Immerse in Mineiro culture at quiet Gonçalves

In the southwestern corner of Minas Gerais, and very close …

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Child on his father's shoulders from behind

Retreat to do yoga and more in the Viennese countryside

Detoxifying the soul and body is necessary to release all …

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