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Eat healthy and delicious at the Michelin-star Tian Restaurant

Francisco Coronel
Francisco Coronel

Everything is about a lifestyle: the way we run our lives not only makes us unique among others, but a well-driven type of living can make us feel fulfilled and like in total control of our present and future.

There’s something about the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles that’s very attractive. We’re not saying it’s necessarily the correct way of living, but it certainly seems like a healthy choice and one that many desire.

A dish
Plates that will touch your body and soul | Photo by @tianvienna

 At Tian Restaurant in Vienna eating green has never been more delicious: being a place which believes that a well made, creative, vegetarian cuisine is an integral part of the modern lifestyle, you’ll have the opportunity to delight in exquisite plates of a quality which earned the restaurant a Michelin-Star in 2014.

Respecting natural cycles, Tian Restaurant pays attention to preferably organic products, created respecting the environment. Their seasonal ingredients are supplied by regional partners that adhere to high standards of quality concerning fresh food. 

A group of vegetables
Who said being vegetarian wasn’t something exquisite? | Photo by @tianvienna

Book a table right now, see for more information down below and enjoy the finest quality and taste you can get. Remember to share your experiences with #Tripsst! 

Go green! You’re up!

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