Drink mezcal and eat traditional dishes at Tulum

Gitano Jungle, Restaurant
Francisco Coronel
Francisco Coronel
Do you want to try one of the best Mexican cuisine experiences in all of Mexico?  
The jungle is waiting for you… | Photo by Gitano Jungle
Then make a stop In Gitano Jungle, at Tulum, where you’ll have the opportunity to be immediately transported to a world that artfully mixes passion and play with the local flavors and vibe that make Tulum special. This restaurant offers a menu of seasonal, local ingredients prepared in traditional methods for dishes meant to be consumed in an interactive, shared dining experience. You’ll also have access to over 50 Mezcals and signature hand-made cocktails that use locally-grown seasonal fruits and herbs. And, if you want to have some fun, guests can kick their shoes off and enjoy Gitano’s Jungle Room, a space meant dancing and free expression.  
An exquisite experience you’ll never forget | Photo by Gitano Jungle
If it grabbed your interest, then book your experience down below and don’t forget to share it with #Tripsst! Discover a jungle of flavors! You’re up!  

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