Inside the Natural Historic Museum

Discover Earth’s evolution at the gigantic Natural History Museum

Francisco Coronel
Francisco Coronel

There are few things more impressive than the history of the world: it collects every detail and event that has brought it to where it stands now, showing us how things have evolved and changed through the passing of the millennia.

To know History is to know better about ourselves and our surroundings, so we shouldn’t only appreciate those opportunities that invite us to learn more from it, but yearn for them. 

An exhibition of the Natural Historic Museum
Admire the grace of the southern elephant seal! | Photo by @Naturhistorisches.Museum.Wien

At the Natural History Museum, in Vienna, the history of the world and the variety of nature can be experienced due to 20 million objects: from insects to gemstones and pterodactyls, the Habsburgs united everything under the roof of this museum near the Imperial Palace. 

The numerous taxidermy specimens of animals extinct or threatened, including the objects dating back to the stone age displayed in the museum, are among the many things which make the collection valuable. 

You’ll also find there the biggest showcase of meteorites in the world! Isn’t that awesome?

Meteorites exhibition
These are visitors from another world! | Photo by @Naturhistorisches.Museum.Wien

You can learn all about tours and dates available on the website down below in for more information.

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Know the world! You’re up!

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