Close-up view of unharvested olives, turning from green to black.

Delve into a green world at the Museo dell’Olivo, Imperia

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

Called the Riviera dei Fiori, the section of the Liguria coast centered around Imperia is considered as among the most beautiful in Italy. Certainly, a trip to this seaside area will allow you to marvel at natural riches. Moreover, as it’s known for its olive industry, is where you can delve into a green and fascinating world. So, when in Imperia, don’t miss the opportunity of visiting the Museo dell’Olivo, born out of the efforts of a family-run enterprise, and be amazed by the incredible properties and heritage from the grove.

Sunset view of an olive grove in Italy
Olive groves are a common feature of Italy, a country rich in these cultivars | Photo by Diana Nils

Start by reaching its premises just north of Oneglia, right next to the Fratelli Carli buildings. Surely, approximately 7,000 years’ worth of olive-centered history is for you to behold in the museum’s eighteen rooms, arranged in chronological order. From the apparent origins of olive trees about 12 million years ago to the modern age, you’ll take a look at the evolution of harvesting since the earliest human societies. Above all, let your eyes wonder at the sight of Greek and Roman amphorae, as well as mosaics and other artistic features from around the world, and whose protagonist is no other than the olive.

Ceramic amphorae placed next to each other
Olive oil used to be stored in amphorae such as these, exhibited at the Museo dell’Olivo in Imperia | Photo by Cristina Massabò

Afterwards, be certain to admire rich works in silver and gold used for the disposal, serving, and rituals where olive oil is the king. Besides, as you head outside, step next to ancient presses, the oldest of which dates from the early 1600s, coming all the way from Spain. Later on, you’ll reach an exhibition area focusing on three thematic displays, exploring the relations between humans and their oily treasures. 

To sum up, be immersed in an olive-centered world in seaside Imperia, and share this experience with us on #Tripsst!

Grasp olives and oil, you’re up!

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