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Delve in the history of the Puerto Rican coffee

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Dayana Bejarano
Dayana Bejarano

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, the perfect ingredient to start your mornings, if you want to know more about this delicious drink visit San Juan and take the best coffee tour, learning about coffee and its history in Puerto Rico.

a man picking coffee
Know what a coffee crop looks like Photo by Hacienda Tres Angeles

Hacienda Tres Angeles  is the first agritourism farm certified by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company that offers the most interesting tour where you will be able to enjoy a wonderful experience in coffee plantation, as well as learn about agricultural practices, coffee processing and tasting. located in the high mountains an ideal place for the production of one of the best coffees in the world. In the hacienda produced  green coffee available of single Arabian / Caturra origin. The growers handle a high level for the cultivation and the coffee production is the key in the preservation and maintenance of the quality of each bean, you will see the process that is carried out from the harvest to the cup, in addition it feel a great atmosphere with a beautiful view and a great premium coffee.

panoramic coffee Hacienda in the mountains
Tour the coffee Hacienda that has the best quality of coffee I Photo by Hacienda Tres Angeles

Appreciate breathtaking views, see and touch real coffee trees and beans. Taste authentic  gourmet coffee, don’t lose the opportunity, come and experience the essence of this spectacular coffee from the farm to the cup.to know more about  check the website of Hacienda Tres Angeles live the experience and share it with #Tripsst!

Taste the real flavor of coffee, you’re up! 

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