Culinary trip around the world in this unique restaurant

Francisco Coronel

One of people’s favorite things when traveling around the world is definitely the food. We don’t need to know other languages or study a culture to enjoy a good meal and really appreciate its flavor. Food is, as we know, pretty universal.

Unfortunately, traveling to numerous different countries just to try their plates is, for many, a complex thing to do.

Eating on an airplane was never this good | Photo by

At Novapark Flugzeughotel Boeing Restaurant in Graz, nevertheless, this problem was solved in a genious way: in an aircraft stationed in a rooftop at a height of 22 meters, which serves different typical specialties from international destinations every month, you can easily travel long distances from the comfort of your seat.

Italian? Spanish? Maybe Korean? Whatever you can imagine, this unique restaurant will offer you a delicious menu that will delight your taste and send you on an unforgettable trip.

A different destination every month! | Photo by

From their online website you can reserve a table for as many people as you want, so make sure right now to reserve some space in your agenda and experience this adventure!

Enjoy your flight and share your experience with #Tripsst!

 Savor the flavor of life! You’re up!

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