Wooden chairs and table seen on a trailer veranda

Come to rest at the seaside Camping Delfino in Albenga

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

Just off the Via Aurelia, the coastal city of Albenga is home to a place where, on a green meadow, you’ll be able to leave your worries behind. Certainly, to stay at Camping Delfino is to enjoy an incredible spot on the Ligurian seashore, where you’ll rest while outdoors. Above all, in plots of land measuring 52 square meters, you can bash in the shade of perennially green olives and banana trees, all of them under the blazing Mediterranean sun. So, don’t keep on waiting, and head to this amazing location in northwestern Italy.

Row of mobile homes surrounded by greenery
Mobile homes, among your accommodations at the campground | Photo by Camping Delfino

First, let your eyes look at the mobile homes within the camping site, each of them with a surface area of 24 square meters. Surely, besides an ample interior, you can enjoy a covered veranda with flower pots, right next to eucalyptus trees. Moreover, inside it you’ll find a double-sized bed, a small desk with two chairs, a dining area, a kitchen zone, and a relatively large bathroom with hot water. Later on, after you’ve settled and unpacked your luggage, head outside and rest in a comfortable wooden chair, from which you’ll delight in the sensations of the afternoon calm breeze.

Sandy beach, with a lonely island in the background
Take a look at the Isola Gallinara from the beach | Photo by Camping Delfino

Also, one of the main features of Camping Delfino is the beach that you can access from the main lodging area. Open from May to September, this section of the camping is where you’ll be able to freshen up as your body is submerged in the Mediterranean waters. So, as you reach back the sandy shore, while sunbathing, be certain to take a look at the Isola Gallinara, an islet you can visit by boat.

Don’t hesitate to book your stay at this Albenga campground, and share the experience with us, here on Ligurian-loving #Tripsst!

Sojourn outdoors, you’re up!

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