Gothic-style main façade of the Barcelona Cathedral, in northeastern Spain

Be mesmerized by the medieval Barcelona Cathedral

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

Occupying the focal point of the medieval Barri Gòtic in Barcelona, find a unique place of worship that acts as the city’s main Catholic see. Certainly, once you’ve reached the Placita de la Seu, you’ll be mesmerized by the front façade of the Barcelona Cathedral. Richly decorated, it attests to medieval religious architecture in a manner that’s almost unique to Catalan churches, formerly characterized by nondescript exteriors. So, don’t miss this interesting destination when in the City of Counts.

View of the Barcelona Cathedral over the Barri Gòtic of the city
Barcelona Cathedral seen from the belltower of the nearby basilica of Sants Just i Pastor | Photo by Josep Bracons

Start by going through the main nave, where high columns reach the vaulted ceiling, on which you’ll observe hanging candelabra. Later, continue walking until you reach the high altar, raised above the praying aisles, and from there, behold one of the cathedral’s treasures. Indeed, admire the beauty of a crypt on which lay the mortal remains of Saint Eulalia, a young virgin martyred during the Roman era. After you’ve paid a visit to this saint, the co-patroness of Barcelona, stroll around another chapel, dedicated to St. Raymond of Penyafort, patron of lawyers.

Inside a vaulted cathedral nave, a high altar preceded by a bas-relief façade
Chapel of the Holy Sacrament and the Holy Christ of Lepanto, at the cathedral | Photo by Jose Luis Filpo Cabana

Subsequently, move along areas dedicated to the Holy Sacrament before reaching the church’s cloister, built during the 14th century. Surely, a walk around its galleries with ogive-shaped archways is only surpassed by the sight of a large pond on which white geese are seen year-round. Moreover, at the center of this spot, on a garden with palm trees and magnolias, find an ancient fountain that every year, on Corpus Christi Day, is the setting of a unique tradition, l’ou com balla.

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