Be immersed in the flavor of Emmental cheese in Affoltern

Jean Pierre Contasti

In western Switzerland, the foothills of the Alps are home to a valley on which you’ll find the cradle of a certain variety of cheese. Indeed, the Emmental cheese, named after its area of origin, is a product as Swiss as muesli, roti, and neutrality. Moreover, as you visit the canton of Bern, while roaming through its verdant landscapes, you’ll get the chance of a lifetime around this dairy delight. In other words, stop by the Emmental and tour around a farm long considered its birthplace, right in the middle of rolling hills.

Panoramic view over the snow-covered Emmental in Bern, Switzerland
Emmental, a valley home to a Swiss world-known cheese | Photo by Emmentaler AOP

Start by reaching the small and quiet town of Affoltern im Emmental, and once there look out, in a slope, for a large farmhouse in the typical style of local architecture. Then, you’ll have arrived at Emmentaler Schaukäserei, the home of this amazingly tasting cheese. While on it, be certain to explore the farm’s premises, all built in a way that’ll take you back in time. Furthermore, at any moment during the day you can watch, through large windows, the production process as conducted by master cheesemakers. Surely, be a witness of the transformation of high-quality raw milk into cheese curd that’ll fill its presses.

Male cheesemaker seen cutting a piece of Emmental with a special instrument
Cheesemaking is a true way of living in the Emmental | Photo by Emmentaler AOP

Above all, you can learn more about it while listening to Königsweg, an audiovisual tour rich in insider tips about the cheese and its cheesemaking house. Also, a unique experience is for you to prepare your own cheese in a stöckli, or Swiss farmyard, dating from the mid-18th century, and have it sent after aging during 4 months. To sum up, reach for the diner and try some delicious house-produced cheese specialties.

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