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Be fascinated by the elegant world of cocktails in Barcelona

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Dayana Bejarano
Dayana Bejarano

Cocktails have become a famous drink and requested by everyone around the world. New cocktails are constantly being created, but there are many who prefer the classics such as the Dry Martini, if you want to try all kinds of cocktails made by the most experienced bartenders and also learn about cocktails, this experience is for you.

A bartender is smiling and preparing a cocktail.
Be attended by an experienced bartender in cocktails | Photo by @drymartinijdlm

Dry Martini is a universe that develops with the premiere of cocktails, where you can try the most spectacular and famous cocktails, in addition to offering you a show where you see how the experienced bartender prepares the cocktails in front of you, thus giving a unique experience to live. brings you closer to a vision of the world of cocktails and the lifestyle that surrounds this cocktail bar. The Dry Martini By Javier de las Muelas, has remained seven consecutive years in the list of the 50 best bars in the world. 

7 different types of cocktails posing in a background on a black background.
The bar has the English style of a traditional cocktail bar | Photo by @drymartinijdlm

Visit the club and learn a lot about the cocktail bar, drink the exclusive creations of Dry Martini, such as XMAS, Smoked heart, and San valentin cocktail, they have a cocktail for every moment, check the website of Dry Martini and look at the membership you can get The membership that offers you: invitations, events, workshops, offers, promotions, exclusive menus and a wide range of benefits as you live this experience and share it with #Tripsst!

Try the best cocktail combinations, you’re up!

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