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Be absolutely shaken by the transgressive Burgtheater

Francisco Coronel
Francisco Coronel

We constantly hear that extremes are a bad thing to wish: when we talk about politics, ideologies, or ideas, they’re usually those dangerous topics that nobody wants to do nothing about. 

It’s a legitimate attitude, sure, but we could say there are some extremes that aren’t necessarily bad: in some areas, they’re actually needed to help us discover things we didn’t realize, and we can all agree that widening our view is always something positive.

People performing
An amount of creativity you won’t find anywhere else | Photo by @Burgtheater

The people at the Burgtheater in Vienna know that reality by heart, the reason why they have transformed their space into one of art and artists who can freely exchange their mindsets and forms of expression beyond all their boundaries. 

The Burgtheater, being a place of extremes, follows the goal of always having something to say through its plays. Expect loudness, controversy, urgency, and whatever needed to shake you to your core and make you think and reflect on the important matters of life.

People performing
Prepare to behold some plays that will blow your mind! | Photo by @Burgtheater

Check for more information down below to know about the plays available and buy your tickets now to live this impactful experience. 

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Be bold! You’re up!

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