Assorted products, including vegetables and meats, are placed on a table

Appreciate fresh cuisine at Le Navi in Cielo, Imperia

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

Imperia, a city in the coast of Liguria, is located at the heart of a region well-known in Italy for its agricultural output. Above all, as you visit it, be sure to marvel at its natural beauties, which have given birth to a culinary style like no other. In other words, when in town, don’t hesitate to stop at Le Navi in Cielo, a restaurant self-defined as an agro-touristic mecca. So, as you sit down on its tables, be ready to appreciate fresh recipes from Ligurian cuisine.

Tables set under the shade of olive trees
Eating outdoors, a fascinating experience you’ll be able to enjoy | Photo by Le Navi in Cielo.

First, reach this lovely spot after ascending on winding roads, and as you get out, enjoy a breathtaking view over Imperia and the blue Mediterranean. Certainly, while at Le Navi in Cielo, your taste buds will be delighted in flavors coming from local sources. Indeed, every single ingredient, besides being fresh, is collected from either their own orchard or the wavy waters downhill. Also, their menu is constantly changing, as you’ll notice, depending on the season. However, you can also ask for their tasting menu, with all its courses in accordance to Italian dining tradition.

Wooden table set with various natural products, some of them placed in a basket
Year-round fresh products are used for the restaurant’s tasty recipes | Photo by Le Navi in Cielo

Theirs is an agricultural heaven which has been carefully tended by several generations, and where they follow strict rules on certain products. From Taggiasche olives used to make extra virgin oil, to rosy petals employed in the confection of syrups, marmalades, and jellies, you’ll taste nature at its finest. To sum up, become enraptured by the scents and colors of dishes prepared with love, and let them fascinate you.

Rejoice at this feast on traditional and natural Ligurian products, and share this Imperia dining experience with us, here on #Tripsst!

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