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All the best content, stories, and experiences, housed in one media platform.
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We are a big community traveling around the world.
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We are influencers marketing services.
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About Us _________

We are

a media

experiences omnichannel.

Through the Tripsst! omnichannel and our audiovisual storytelling content, we help people discover the world’s best experiences. So in turn, they can share memories that inspire others.

Creating exciting content on a daily basis is made possible by our innovative team, clients, ambassadors, and travel influencers in more than 50 cities around the world. This content is produced by YouTubers, Vloggers, Instagramers, TikTokers, and Bloggers, with thousands of real stories—one adventure at a time.

We are a community of more than 100 million people sharing the world and enjoying Tripsst!.

Experiences Omnichannel ________

The Problem _________

Please don't show me your ads.

I don’t want any interruptions!

I don’t want to get branded messages in front of me. All I want to see and enjoy is exciting and relevant content.” That’s what 95% of consumers say today, and we get it.

Today, 70% of brands are not reaching their target audience because they are still using irrelevant branded messages.

The SOLUTION _________

Your brand living inside our content.

The opportunity to advertise with Tripsst! is the most effective way to connect, share, and engage with your customers.

It is simple. It is CONTENT MARKETING.

We show your brand in the most natural way within the influencers’ content, generating engagement.

The Proposal _________

A good proposal can move the plan forward.

You invest in us to produce the best content. In return, we involve your brand in our content and stories, helping you connect with your ideal target audience. This results in high traffic to your channels or directly to your point of sales.

Massive Scale
We are the #1 digital experience platform on the internet, and we have the analytics to prove it.
creative community
We have Ambassadors in the main cities around the world, and more than 3000 talent with diferent storytellings.
biggest platform
We have powerful relationships with the social media platforms that people spends the majority of their times on​. +100 Millions viewers Worldwide

The most powerful geographic segmentation.

With Tripsst! it’s easy to segment campaigns with many influencers by:

Media Engagement _________

10M Minutes watched per day

in the 54 most influential locations in the world >

We show you our analytics "live" before the deal - No fake likes, no fake folllowers, no fake subscribers.

Advertising Opportunities

Boost your experience

Upload your business or service experiences on our platform for free, and boost it up to the next level with influencer marketing.

Content Sponsorship

Make your brand part of our storytelling and story-doing, with memorable call-outs and product integrations that drive reach and engagement, leaving your target wanting more.

Custom Content Creation

Our insights team and platform analyze 100,000 views of different content per minute. This means we know what the audience watch, love, and share. These insights help us craft compelling content that tells your brand story, and helps us better connect with our viewers.

Media Ads

We sell responsive display Ads, but we prefer to sell native advertising as it is not intrusive, and enables ads to blend in with the content of the page. This provides value without disrupting the user’s experience

Boost your Experience
Take your experience to the next level with influencer marketing.
Our omnichannel is a highly-engaged, diverse community of influencers creating content around brand messaging.
The Influencers are fundamental
Influencers are key to boosting sales. Studies have found that 40% of respondents purchase an item online after watching an influencer use it.
Benefits of Boosting Your Experience
Influencer Marketing with the Tripsst! Media Platform are effective and have excellent benefits.
More leads and conversions.
When influencers talk about your brand experience, they're giving an endorsement. This results in more traffic to your website allowing you to turn leads into sales.
Increased brand recognition
Influencers bring your brand experience to the forefront of the conversation, giving you a new audience. This means you get more qualified traffic and better potential customers.

Boost your Experience / categories _________

Content Sponsorship
In recent years, the adoption of Ad-Blocking software has thrown a ratchet in traditional marketing methods.
We believe in sponsored content with influencers, and that's why Tripsst! exists.
Sponsored content with social media influencers is currently the most efficient way to solve many of the problems brands, publishers, and Ad networks face. Some benefits of using influencers are:

· They are impervious to Ad-Blocking technology.
· Their ability to target precise audiences.
· Their high engagement with proper brand-influencer integration.
· Their high visibility via well-trafficked social channels and platforms
"Sponsored content is the equivalent to advertising on our Tripsst! omnichannel. This takes the form of storytelling and story-doing content that looks like it's supposed to be there. Association with a publication and exposure to its audience can drive awareness, traffic conversions and leads."
Advertorials often interrupt user’s online experiences through overt and distracting ads. Sponsored content is different as it features:
· Paid campaigns
· Promotions
· Consistent content with the medium (blog, Instagram post, YouTube video, etc.)

all in our omnichannel media platform.
We invite your brand to be part of our creative content. Take a look below at the different sponsorship opportunities.

Content Sponsorship / Experiences & Stories _________

Custom Content Creation
Tripsst! offers a fully managed solution for custom content creation via multimedia storytelling and story-doing that excites, informs, and inspires your audience.
All in one
Rely on professional copywriters, photographers, videographers, designers, ambassadors, and influencers to create branded content around the world that earns the trust and attention of your audience.
Increase content production while lowering costs and streamlining processes.
Leading brands recognize the importance of creating and sharing high-quality content with their customers. However, they are often challenged to scale the production with internal resources. Our custom content solutions are designed to augment or replace outdated workflows. We do this by using our platform and community of creators to boost output while lowering costs.

Custom Content Creation / Clients _________

Media Ads
We sell responsive display Ads, but we prefer to sell native advertising as it is not intrusive, and enables ads to blend in with the content of the page. This provides value without disrupting the user’s experience.
Native ads can appear in different formats on our omnichannel platform (50 Tripsst! social media sites and website).
These native ads appear under 'Recommended Reading,' 'Related Stories,' or 'Promoted Stories' that visually match the content your audience is currently viewing. Once they click, they will be directed to your brand's website.
Native ads generate 3.6 times higher uplift in brand searches than regular display ads and 3.9 times greater uplift in the Media view-through rate.
Media Platform Formats

Media Ads / Our Channels _________

Check our sponsor proposal

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