Admire spring in a deluxe trip from Kyoto to Tokyo

Jean Pierre Contasti

Every year, Japan welcomes spring in different shades of pink, the color displayed by the cherry blossom flowers. Certainly, the sight of thousands of trees, bursting into light-colored life, makes a trip to the land of the rising sun an unforgettable experience. Moreover, you can behold, first-handedly, the lovely sight of sakura, while embarking on a deluxe trip that’ll take you through two of the most iconic Japanese cities. 

People walk in a path surrounded by blooming cherry trees
Blossoming cherry trees in the gardens of the Nijo Castle, Kyoto | Photo by Reggaeman

Start by arriving at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, from where you’ll be led into your private accommodation in Kyoto. Surely, the former imperial capital is a place to remember, as you visit its Nijo Castle and behold its hundreds of blossoming cherry trees. Later on, as you stroll through historic districts, be amazed by tradition and history as shown by the city’s many palaces, shrines, and townhouses. Don’t be surprised if a kimono-clad geisha crosses your path, while you walk towards the Ryoan-ji rock garden. Subsequently, visit the lovely Kinkaku-ji golden pavilion, and from there, explore the green district of Arashiyama.

Cherry blossom tree next to a statue in an urban park
Sakura are gazed in a tradition called hanami, at Kitanomaru Park, Tokyo | Photo by Caoyadong

After spending four days in lovely Kyoto, board the ultra-fast Shinkansen bullet train and reach Tokyo, Japan’s capital and largest city. While in there, you’ll be guided into cultural insight as Japanese calligraphy and flower arrangement are shown to you. Afterwards, be led into the Kitanomaru Park, and take a look at blossoming sakura close to the Imperial Palace. Then, you’ll be ready to explore the metropolis and, after walking through the Tsukiji wholesale fish market, visit the Hamarikyu Garden and National Museum of Japan.

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