A path is surrounded by trees, as early morning light passes through the mist

Admire natural and cultural beauty at the Spreewald

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

The Spreewald, in south-central Brandenburg, is a region consisting of marshlands and forests close to the course of the Spree River. Moreover, its natural charm has led it to be protected, ever since 1991, as a biosphere reserve. Also, as you visit this German area, located about 100 kilometers southeast of Berlin, be sure to experience a deep immersion into the culture of peoples such as the Sorbs and Wends. So, get aboard a punt, and roam through the waterways of this beautiful corner of Germany.

Sight of a quiet canal surrounded by tall trees, crossed by a wooden bridge
View of one of the canals that can be found in Lübbenau | Photo by A. Savin

As varied as it can be, the Spreewald allows for distinct tourist options which you can take part of. Surely, day tours depart from Lübbenau, on which most streets have been substituted by river branches; therefore, residents use boats to move through town. Besides, romance is at hand with locales such as the beautiful Kaupen 6, where you can enjoy local dishes against a quiet evening atmosphere. However, not only nature can be something to witness when in this area, as many peoples have left their mark throughout history.

Renaissance palace surrounded by greenery, in cream and white tones
Vetschau, a Spreewald town famous for its Renaissance castle | Photo by Olaf Meister

Reach the town of Dissen and explore Stary Lud, a museum village that provides an insight into everyday life during the Middle Ages, when Slavic tribes populated the region. Subsequently, you can take a look at the premises of the Vetschau Castle, a palace built during the Renaissance, before driving to the settlement of Straupitz, famous for a classicist Protestant church. In conclusion, travel to the Spreewald and admire beauty, in both its natural and cultural forms.

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